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Sunday, January 3, 2016

Crossover - #BookReview of #HistoricalFiction Novel by David Coles & Jack Everett

The Last Free Men...
I didn't want anyone to miss this book review that I posted on the new site.

Hope you will take a moment to visit and read about this great Historical Fiction Novel that is set in 2 Century AD when the Romans military were conquering the known world. 

Have a great one!

Lynn Hallbrooks

Saturday, January 2, 2016

Season for Change

It seems with the new year comes new changes. The same can be said on my side of the screen. After much thought, I have created a new website which I hope you will visit: http://cswcllc.weebly.com/ I also hope while you are their you can check out the new blog site where I hope to continue this journey. 

When you visit our new place, you will see that I have a separate page for each book where you can click on a global location. I had planned on using the Tagul animation I had done before but that didn't work out so well. Below are the images that I can share here. 

CSWCSW Tagul image
CSWC Storm Warning

CSWCWOE Tagul image
CSWC Wings of Eagles
Genesis Tagul image

Instead of the animated version, I went old school. When we get new books I will add new pages. As I learn new tricks, I will update the website. After you visit our new place, if you have any constructive ideas for me, then maybe you will leave me a note below. 

Here's hoping that you and yours are having a Happy New Year.

Lynn Hallbrooks

Sunday, December 27, 2015

#BookReview of The Tide Breakwater by @Tony_Melchiorri

I hope you all have had a wonderful holiday weekend. We have had a very white Christmas here. Speaking of which, one of my favorite holiday movies is White Christmas. One of my favorite songs from it is Count your Blessings. I do count my blessings. I’m sure each of us has a few blessings to count. There is the beauty of nature, family and/or friends. I count all of those too. Another blessing I have is that I get to meet authors through reading. I became acquainted with Anthony J. Melchiorri because of his book, Enhancement, which I discovered via Reading Deals Review Club. I loved his writing style so much that whenever I get a chance I download one of his books. When I saw The Tide on Reading Deals, I picked it from the list. Even though Post-apocalyptic is not one of my favorite genres, I was taken in by the medical and military aspects of the story. So much so, I really wanted to read the second book. I made my love of the book known to Mr. Melchiorri and he offered me the opportunity to be an Advance Reader for The Tide Breakwater which will be available for pre-order up until 28 December 2015. If you are quick and get it soon, then you'll be among the first to get the download to your device.

The Tide Amazon Kindle cover
The Tide
The series is linked together by a globally catastrophic event that pits humankind against one another. Even love cannot prevent the aggressive changes that occur. The team known as the Hunters discovers what they believe to be the epicenter of the disaster too late. Now all they can do is damage control, provide preventive measures, and get as many civilians to a safe zone as possible. The odds are against them and time is running out. In the first book they travel to Fort Detrick to seek refuge for civilians and answers to some questions.
The Tide Breakwater eBook cover
The Tide Breakwater

The Tide Breakwater begins with the group at the base and before long they have to battle the creatures, the Hunters call Skulls. After securing the base, the medical scientist put their brain powers together. A working plan comes together to potentially solve the problem. That is if the Skulls don’t kill them first.

I love how Mr. Melchiorri not only interwove the different scenes and viewpoints but also provided enough medical information to make the story believable. It made me wonder how the world would survive if something like this were to really happen or as one of the characters said: “…Besides, how many Americans have enough food and water stockpiled to survive for weeks…” Really good point, I know I don’t but should. So this book made me think not only about how I would survive but just how blessed I really am.

I hope you will join me in following Anthony J. Melchiorri on his Social Media sites:

Here’s a couple of helpful holiday hints. First, if you received an Amazon gift card, I hope you will take advantage of the reduce prices you might see this time of year. Second, share the spirit of the season by paying something forward. That could mean, passing along the message about a great book or reviewing one that you loved - especially if it is an independent author. Whatever you do, make sure it is from the goodness of your heart.

Have a great one and don't forget to count your blessings!

Lynn Hallbrooks