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Thursday, February 26, 2015

A Book Review of If Only by Norma Budden


We all make choices every day. Most are relatively simple, what we want to wear for the day or what we want to eat. Others are much tougher.
Sometimes we make unilateral decisions without discussing it with our significant other. That can be a good thing, like picking a nice place for dinner. We do it based on mutual likes or wants. At times, even with the best of intentions, a unilateral decision can be heart-breaking.


If Only
If Only by Norma Budden
Norma Budden Author of If Only
Author Norma Budden
If Only by Norma Budden, is a Christian Paranormal Suspense book. The heart of which is choices. 
Many are the ones made by Demi. When she was much younger she made a decision without consulting anyone. Now as an adult, she comes face-to-face with the consequences of her actions. She is desperate to put right what she now realizes was a wrong. She discovers she needs help.
After trying to avoid the inevitable, she turns to the one person who would share her goal, David. When she explains the situation, he realizes that he also has a vested interest in setting things right. This seemingly simple act sets a series of events into motion which change their lives and puts their loved ones in danger.
In the midst of their venture, there is a spiritual connection that reaches out to David. Will this benefit or hinder him?

Lynn's Thoughts

I love this story. Maybe because I can relate to the big decision that Demi had to make. I've made a few tough, life changing decisions in my lifetime. If I'd have to guess, many people have done this as well. 

I was drawn into the drama that surrounds the main characters. I kept wondering will things work out. I won't tell you what happens. I will tell you that if you don't have an aversion to tragedy and want to know if they set the wrong - right then I highly recommend investing yourself in this story.


Some people may have an adverse reaction to some tragic events portrayed in this story.


By the time you read this post, the book will have been out for almost two weeks. Just the same, I was provided an Advanced Reader's Copy of this book in exchange for an honest opinion. 

This post is part of the blog tour for If Only by Norma Budden.

"Bestsellers" to Ms. Budden, her books, and this tour.

Lynn Hallbrooks
Author/Owner of Call Sign Wrecking Crew, LLC
along with David McKoy

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