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Monday, February 20, 2012

Happy President's Day

Happy President's Day to all.  Okay, so it may not be President's Day when you read this or even in the country you are currently residing but 20 February 2012 is President's Day (celebrated) in the United States of America. 

In the Prologue of Call Sign: Wrecking Crew (Storm Warning)  the very first paragraph is devoted to our fictionalized President, who was elected in 2012.  In later chapters, there are quotes from many of the Founding Fathers, especially Presidents George Washington and Thomas Jefferson.  

Least we forget, without the fortitude and forethought of our Founding Fathers we may not have the rights that we have today.  I'm sure many of my author friends might agree that the First Amendment, in particular, Freedom of Speech is a significant one.  Just as I'm sure the members of the "Wrecking Crew" would say that the Second Amendment was more important.  What ever way you'd like to look at it, please join me and say thanks Founding Fathers and Mothers for your bravery and perseverance.

Lynn Hallbrooks
co-author to David McKoy

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