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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Military Writers Society

Today, I discovered that MWSA, Military Writers Society of America, posted their newsletter, Dispatches

My article is on page 21 but there are other articles that may be of interest to those of you who are in the business of writing books.  Each month there are interesting tidbits,

Hope y'all have a great one!


Sunday, May 29, 2011

Helping others on their journey

Jordan Vincent is a fellow author who made a kind offer on Amazon KDP (Kindle Direct Publishing) to help others on their journey to be recognized.  If you haven't already heard of him, you should check out his blog:  http://jordanvincent.wordpress.com 

Thanks Jordan for putting our book on your ever growing list of recently published authors.

Happy Memorial Day Weekend to all.  Please remember those who gave their all so that we could have our freedoms.


Monday, May 23, 2011

Still learning

I'm still learning new and different things...some of which may come in handy at a future date.  The most recent useful thing that I've learned is you can create a separate page on Facebook.  So if you have a Facebook account, go to the help page and do a search on 'how to create a page'. Then follow the instructions for creating a page.  It can be for different things.  I selected entertainment then books.  So now we have a Facebook page for Call Sign Wrecking Crew LLC that has all the links in one place.  I even put some links for people that have been helpful to us along the way. Has it brought us any new sales, well no - not yet, but I have faith that it will eventually. I've also added a Facebook like link to our website. 

I hope people that come to visit our website will like us well enough to say so.  If not then I hope they will put a comment on our new guest page to help us improve. If they'd rather not be public with their comments they can always click the contact us button.  So, y'all come on over and let us know what you think.  


Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Out of the Blue

So I'm logging in to all my different e-mail accounts, expecting the usual...nothing...as in no interest in my website or my blog.  But instead I get an e-mail from someone new (all because I was able to get my blog working on my Amazon Author page thanks to a few helpful people).  Intrigued, I looked at her website and her blog.  I think, well, well that is interesting. Then I think some of my friends just might be interested in it as well.  So I ask permission to add her to my blog and she says yes.  

Her name is Siggy Buckley and you can learn more about her and her book in any of these three places below:

And because I put together my own Facebook page yesterday, I was also able to add her to it, so I can share her with my friends.  

Oh, that reminds me of a song...'I'll get by with a little help from my friends...'  Did you know that Sir Paul McCartney is putting together an album of standards...do you think that will be on it?

Lynn Hallbrooks

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Building Blocks

I guess you could say that I have gone back to being a three year old.  No wait, I live with a three year old and have re-discovered my roots and the important lessons of building blocks.  In other words, I think I missed a few along the way when I was doing my self-promoting. 

After reading several threads in Amazon's Kindle Direct Publishing Community's section, I quickly realized that I was behind the curve.  Many of the other authors' talk about how they got more sales after they put up their biographies.  So I did do that recently.  In addition, many of my fellow authors were very helpful in getting that done. Yet others were helpful by sharing their blogs so that others could be seen.  So I would like to do the same for them, if they are following me and would like to be recognized on mine, please let me know.

My biography also came out on MWSA, Military Writer's Society of America, but is currently only available to members.  Here is the link to their newsletters' page:  http://militarywriters.com/NewsEvents.htm#Newsletters 
Of course, you can also learn more about them in general if you want to look around a bit more.

We are still at 15 sales at the moment but I continue to pray that we increase our recognition and sales.  Thanks to all that have help us along the way.  Thanks to you that are following us on this journey.  While I'm at it, thanks to those of you who have served in the Armed Services along with us.  And let us not forget those that gave all so that we can continue to have our freedoms, including the freedom of speech.

Lynn Hallbrooks

Friday, May 13, 2011

Thank you from the heart

I want to send out my heartfelt thanks. Two days in a row this week, we had one sale of our book. Not sure who it was but thank you very much. Now we are up to 15 sales total since January 2011. 

I just hope and pray that God continues to bless us in abdundance with sales.

Have a great day!

Lynn Hallbrooks

Thursday, May 12, 2011

Thank you, thank you, and thank you again

I want to send out my heartfelt thanks.  In the last two days, we have had two sales of our book.  Not sure who it was but thank you just the same.  Now we are up to 15 sales. 

Meanwhile, I'm still working on the sequel.  So it is time for me to get back to the grindstone.

Have a great day!

Lynn Hallbrooks

Monday, May 9, 2011

Learning more and more everyday

Well, I've recently learned about YouTube as an advertising tool..who knew.  I'm working on getting something together for it.  It isn't easy to make ordinary pictures into video magic.  Thank God for the people who created Windows Live Movie Maker...but next time folks...add a help section to it. Anyway, I muddled through the best I could. Even though, it still looks like a first grader attempt, I at least tried instead of whining that I couldn't possibly do it.  As soon as I learn a few more things, I'll put it out on YouTube.

In the meantime, my co-author has been working different angles to get the word out to more people.  So in the same spirit, I put a guest page on our website just to see how everyone came to visit us.  Please stop by anytime and add a comment to our website or even on this blog.  We'd love to hear from you.  But remember keep it clean, I live with children in the house.

Lynn Hallbrooks

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Quick note

I'd thought I'd jot down a quick note to let you know that there should be an advertisement on Facebook for Call Sign: Wrecking Crew (Storm Warning).  I don't follow Facebook, so I don't know where it is at or that it is on everyone's Facebook page. 

Also, a bio for both myself and my co-author is in the works for MWSA...Military Writers Society of America.  Whether or not it gets published in their monthly online newsletter/magazine is a whole other matter.

We have only sold 13 e-books in about 4 months.  If anyone out there can help get the word out, we'd appreciate it.  

Well gotta run, until next time.