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Thursday, September 6, 2012

Thoughts on writing skills

I've taken some of our reviews to heart and I'm making an effort to make our second book even better than our first. I've been doing some research.  I'll freely admit that I'm confused about lots of different aspects of writing. I think part of it is the conflicting information out there on the Internet and in books. 

Below are our main challenges. I've provide some of the research I've done. I hope you'll take a moment to peruse the links provided so we can be on the same page.:

Speech tags:

Complaints have been that we use them too frequently and/or use 'said' too often. 

A friend gave me this link:

The question I have is this: when authors have several characters in a given area, how do you differentiate them? Especially if they are all military types who talk about the same. 

Expressing thoughts of a character:

Apparently you aren't supposed to use quotation marks, attribution tags, or even italicize them. 

Places I've visited for help: 

Fiction writing: How to write your character's thoughts

How to write Thoughts of a Character

My quandary is how do you deal with thoughts alongside of dialogue? In particular, if you want to show what the character is thinking versus what they are actually saying or doing. 

Writing a book series:

I'm also trying to figure out the best way to handle writing a Series to allow for mini references to previous books in the series. Here are a couple of places I've visited:

How to Write a Book Series

Why Authors Should Write a Series of Books: Lessons Learned From Patricia Cornwell

I think I have a clue as to how best to handle this. I guess time will tell.  

Today, I'm turning the tables and asking you, the reader of this blog, to share what you know on these subjects. In particular, how you came by this knowledge and can you provide a reference link. 

I'm hoping this will be a win-win situation. Those that are looking for help will hopefully get some. Those that have knowledge and experience will get to help others.

Thanks and have a great one!

Lynn Hallbrooks