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In April 2014, I mentioned the creative aspects behind the cover art for our novella, Genesis: Call Sign: Wrecking Crew Slice of Life .   ...

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Thursday, July 18, 2013

Breaking free

I'm coming out of my cocoon. I've been wrapped up inside my book cocoon working my way out by type -retype - think - rethink and run through it all over again.  I finally broke through late last night. Right now Call Sign: Wrecking Crew (Wings Of Eagles) is being beta - tested. 

Many thanks to Jennifer Lockstedt and Justin Woods for all their hard work on our cover art.  David feels it is a great representation of what's inside the book. 
CSWCWOE cover art by Jennifer Lockstedt & Justin Woods
Cover Art 

Now that you've gotten a preview of the cover, I'll share the synopsis with you.

Short version
Will the warnings be heeded, so the fearless Eagles can triumph over Evil? Or will Evil win this round?
Longer version
Recognizing that evil knows no bounds, Eagle Protective Service Incorporated, an elite company, employs and trains members to protect or destroy. They do whatever is necessary to get the job done. Call Sign: Wrecking Crew is an integral part of this company. They put their unique talents to excellent use. When put to the test, will their best efforts be enough? Or will Pandemonium reign supreme?
With the first book, I lived alone and did the best with what I knew then. I've learned so much over the last couple years from fellow authors and many different blogs. 
But now that I live with a very active family, I  understand why so many authors go to a remote location when writing. When you have real life going on all around you it is hard to concrete and put forth your best effort. Even putting myself on a social media hiatus didn't stop daily living from interfering. 
I also understand why famous authors hire publicists to run their social media. If they didn't we might not ever see another book come from them. 
The next step of the book process is to take what the beta reader sends me and incorporate as much as possible. We want this book to be as high of quality as we can make it. As it is, I think I've vastly improved from the first book.  However, I'll let you be the judge of that when it comes available. 
For now I'll try to catch up on social media in between doing my daily chores. 

Have a great one,

Lynn Hallbrooks
co-author to David McKoy

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