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Friday, January 17, 2014

Helping Debut Author help Aspiring Authors

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Deena Rae Schoenfeldt has been a friend to authors for many years.  She has helped many an author format their eBooks with her own brand of magic. In her debut book, Navigating the World of E-Book Publishing, she tells about her beginnings and the things she has learned along the way. 

She gives sage advice which can be appropriate not only for the aspiring author - set to take the writing world by storm - but also for those of us who have published before.  

Please don't skip the introduction - that's where you'll get to know a little about her and how she came to write this book. As an added bonus you'll get to see some of her magic in action. 

Here's more about Deena in her own words. 

E-BookBuilders is my online alias. I was born and raised in Texas — home of bluebonnets, boots, beef and big hair — into a family that was in the printing and publishing industries. My father was a computer programmer for major newspapers when the equipment took up whole rooms and my mother has been a publisher for almost 30 years — trying, unsuccessfully, to bring me into the family business. I have been told I am a second-generation genetically perfected super-nerd.
digitaldivaI was happily living my life, having three genetically perfected super-nerds myself, but then through a series of events (unfortunate and fortunate), I officially joined The Book Connection — my mother’s publishing and packaging company — as the Digital Director, to create the e-publishing division in 2011. My computer skills, willingness to help authors, love of literature, no-nonsense attitude and quick wit has helped shepherd many authors through the maze of digital publishing.
Through my work with E-BookBuilders, I have been able to meet authors and writers from all over the world and in every genre imaginable. My wit, obscure sense of humor, awareness of the absurd, and a love of literature all which led to the creation of Bluebonnets, Bagpipes and Books, the NSFW publishing discussion podcast I produce and host with Janet Wrenn and Peter Burnett. My no-nonsense attitude makes for some hilarious discussions and plenty of “Oh my God, did she really just say that?” moments. Sometimes it is as if there is no filter between my brain and mouth. But if I like you I try to be nice – sometimes. I also have a safe-for-everyone author interview show, B3‘s Bookworm. You can find me most hours of everyday attached to my computer either researching, tweeting on the 6 accounts I maintain, posting on my different Facebook timelines and pages, coding e-books for my fabulous friends/clients or with my nose buried in my Kindle reading.

By the way, I was privy to a version of this book prior to it being finalized.  I'm looking forward to seeing how it all came together. 
If you are wondering what happened to that podcast with Deena Rae in December, well let's just say we are going to try for third time's the charm. 
Hope y'all are having a great one!
Lynn Hallbrooks
co-author to David McKoy
co-owner of Call Sign Wrecking Crew, LLC

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