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Monday, May 5, 2014

Close Call and Booktastik Are Going Concerns

My friend, Dionne Lister, brought up many valid points regarding
free books especially where Eloise March's book, Close Call: A Doris and Jemma Vadgeventure,  is concerned. I'll wait here while you read them but please do come back. You can even listen to some music in the background:

Close Call by Eloise March

Thanks for returning. I agree with Dionne about the cost factors as well as the dribs and drabs despite authors' best efforts. Free seems to be a valid option provided word gets out. 

Speaking of which, there is a place that Dionne introduced me to called Booktastik. It is a beautiful site where if you want, you can become part of their mailing list (via email). When you do, you'll be able to let them know what kinds of books you'd like to see. Once you're on their list then you will learn what each day's Booktastik's Book Deal is. Remember we are talking about a computer system so I won't guarantee you will see only the genres you picked but you never know... you might find something you didn't know you wanted. If you find a book you'd like to get then all you have to do is click the link for your eBook reader type, i.e. Amazon Kindle, then you can 'purchase' it. 
Booktastik logo

Booktastik is a going concern mainly because of the founders' vision - to give authors a another place to showcase their free/reduced price books as well as giveaways and competitions. Readers benefit from a cool place where they not only see books at great prices but can read book reviews and win things too.  

So why not check out Booktastik via twitter,  Google+, Pinterest, and/or Facebook and help spread the love of books with others.

We will venture down the #freebooks  and #reducedbooks paths with Genesis when we do, we plan on utilizing Booktastik's services.  If you're an author, I hope you will consider it too.

We hope you've enjoyed post number 100 and look forward to seeing you during the next hundred. Why not bring a friend or two along. We hope y'all never miss a post when you follow us via email (see link upper right). Have a great one!

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