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Saturday, January 2, 2016

Season for Change

It seems with the new year comes new changes. The same can be said on my side of the screen. After much thought, I have created a new website which I hope you will visit: http://cswcllc.weebly.com/ I also hope while you are their you can check out the new blog site where I hope to continue this journey. 

When you visit our new place, you will see that I have a separate page for each book where you can click on a global location. I had planned on using the Tagul animation I had done before but that didn't work out so well. Below are the images that I can share here. 

CSWCSW Tagul image
CSWC Storm Warning

CSWCWOE Tagul image
CSWC Wings of Eagles
Genesis Tagul image

Instead of the animated version, I went old school. When we get new books I will add new pages. As I learn new tricks, I will update the website. After you visit our new place, if you have any constructive ideas for me, then maybe you will leave me a note below. 

Here's hoping that you and yours are having a Happy New Year.

Lynn Hallbrooks

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