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Thursday, November 8, 2012

David The Night Watchman Speaks

Howdy! I hope everyone have their breakables out of reach and your sitting down for this report from David. I have a feeling it will be a doozie. 
Original Cover Art 
Aye, this is David McKoy the Night Watchman standing my post at the Watchtower. As I look over the horizon, I see a major storm brewing. It amazes me that the majority of Americans rely on the government to protect and save them. I foresee that over the next four years, the government will be controlling every aspect of your life.
Now Mac would say, “The government can’t handle a wet dream much less take care of us.”
Seriously though, from personal experience I know the Democrat mantra because I've read THEIR handbook. It can be compared to that of Lenin or Marx. In my opinion, you can expect high-end unemployment and hyperinflation in full swing. The government will have to print more money and China is going to own more of our debt. Will we have to sell our National Parks in order to repay them? I highly suspect this will happen. 
You Freedom lovers that know what the Second Amendment is about - you may bow out now if you wish.  The rest of you - the Second Amendment isn't about hunting.  Just ask the survivors of Hurricane Katrina and now Hurricane Sandy. Some are still in the dark, others cold and hungry...so much so that they are eating from trash cans and dumpsters.  When those people see you have lights, food, and shelter they will attempt to take these things from you...if you use a weapon in defense of your home and yourself...the government will put you in jail. How safe and secure do you feel now?  You lost souls, who willing gave up your freedom for safety and security. You deserve neither safety nor security. You reap what you sow!
Yes, I survived Hurricane Ike...I lived without my own electricity or water for ten days.  FEMA wouldn't reimburse me money when I evacuated from my home that Monday morning to Hempstead, Texas. But I digress... even though there was 
a curfew posted there was no widespread looting. Why, because the people in the Republic of Texas understood the meaning of the Second Amendment. The city government, mostly Liberal, knew if Martial Law was imposed they would have a fight on their hands. 
How did we survive, cowboy showers, family, friends, and Bar-B-Q. You see my friends in Texas, we know how to do two things really well... one is how to make Chili and the second is how to do Bar-B-Q.  Truly I hope you don't have to hole up too much longer sitting in the dark, cold and hungry waiting for President Obama and the government to save your collective- as Frieda would put it - arse. Then again, I'm not going to hold my breath. 
Let’s have the team sum things up in their unique ways: 
Deano: “God Bless you from the Republic of Texas.” 
T.K.: “Come and take it, Texas first.” 
Hank Williams Jr.
Mac: “Liberalism is a disease - a bullet is the cure.”  
Crazy Larry: “Better Dead than Red.” 
Deb: “Peace through Superior Firepower.” 
J.T. and Hank Williams Jr.: “... I've got a shotgun, rifle, and a four-wheel drive. Country Boy can survive...” 
This is The Night Watchman signing off.
I have to admit to a certain sense of foreboding since I heard the Presidential Election results. Call Sign: Wrecking (Storm Warning) is a work of fiction, yet so much has rung true these past couple years. Will even more come true?  Will Texas and other States of the Union have to secede in order to maintain their freedom? 

Lynn Hallbrooks
co-author to David McKoy
co-owner of Call Sign Wrecking Crew, LLC

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