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Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Have eBook Will Travel

For those that may have missed it, I broke my thumb back in December. It was a silly accident with long term negative consequences including many trips to the VA Medical Center. There was a benefit to this though.

Amazon Kindle Keyboard 3G
Let me back up a minute to explain. June 2012, several generous people got together and sent me a Kindle for my birthday. I love it very much. It contains over 400 books, mainly independent authors. I learned about the books and some great bargains through some form of social media. 

As you can see, Kindles are lightweight, and great when you have a cast on your hand. It has dual page controls which means you can flip from either your left or right thumb. Considering my right thumb was incapacitated for a while that was a wonderful thing. 

An eBook means you don't have to lug around several books in case you finish your current one. This is very helpful, especially on the long train rides to and from the VA. It meant when I finished one body of work, I could quickly switch to another. Let me tell you something, that's very convenient when you have to wait over an hour for an x-ray or to see the doctor. There were times when I had nothing protecting my thumb and thus it was difficult for me to lift heavy things.

The books oftentimes helped to transport me to other places watching other people in more desperate situations than my own. When reality came back into focus, I counted my blessings instead of tears. 

The downside was, I didn't always have time to do my book reviews before starting another book. Yesterday, I finally caught up with all my reviews on Goodreads. That was when I noticed that Smashwords was having their annual Read An eBook Week.  I took a moment and put Call Sign: Wrecking Crew (Storm Warning) in the mix. Later on, I got some great bargains for myself and my Godson. 

So fellow readers, if you have an e Reader that could use a few more books, please take a moment to check out Smashwords and see if you can help change the world around you. 

For my fellow authors, if your book is on Smashwords, and you haven't already done so, go to the Read an eBook section and follow the instructions for authors on the left hand side. A few clicks and a decision later, your book can be available to transport people to your world. 

Have a great one!

Lynn Hallbrooks

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