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Sunday, October 30, 2011

An All Hallow's Eve Excerpt

In honor of Halloween (aka All Hallow's Eve), I thought I'd post an excerpt from our book, Call Sign: Wrecking Crew (Storm Warning):

A big-breasted, blonde tech, who looks to be 6 foot-1 says, “We’re the Vampires.” 

An even bigger-breasted, black-haired, olive skinned tech who is shorter than the first one adds in a Bela Lugosi tone. “We’re here to collect your friend’s blood.”

Without skipping a beat, Mac says “Velcome and enjoy your snack.”

The blonde says, “Oh you’re good!”

After the ladies are finished taking Deb’s blood, they say, “Good night.”

“You mean, morning. You don’t vant to be caught in the sunlight.”

“Oh he’s good,” both laugh as they leave the room. *

This is taken totally out of context of course plus it is not part of the sample package.  If you'd like to see what is really going on here, you might want to purchase our e-book through AmazonBarnes & Noble, or Smashwords.  Frighteningly enough, our book is going to start selling for $1.99 until 2 January 2012 just in time for the Holiday Madness!

Y'all have a Happy Halloween!

Lynn Hallbrooks 
co-author to David McKoy
PR person for Call Sign Wrecking Crew, LLC

*Italics added for emphasis