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Monday, October 17, 2011

Covert Cover art

Unbeknownst to my co-author, I entered a cover art poll on another blog, Wringing out Words, created by Shannon Mayer author of Sundered. Shannon is one of my Triberr Tribe-mates and I was only to happy to help her with the debut cover art poll. 

It was suppose to be for ten cover art participants but it stretched out to be fifteen cover arts presented.  One of the rules was that the winner got his or her (or in our case, his & her) cover art displayed on the remaining contestants' blogs for at least one post.

Being the gracious person that I am, I agreed that our cover art was indeed not the best one in the line up.  So our blog is now temporary home for Daniel A. Kaine's cover art for the book, Dawn of Darkness.

Dawn of Darkness' Goodreads page 

eBook release giveaway (which ends 22 Oct 2011)


Daniel's blog

To see the complete set of cover art participants, please visit:  Wringing out Words Cover art poll

Congratulations Daniel A. Kaine on your great cover art winning the contest by the slim margin of one vote.  Thank you for allowing us to share the spotlight with you if even for the briefest of moments.

Here's hoping that all of our followers are having a great one!

Lynn Hallbrooks
co-author to David McKoy
PR person for Call Sign Wrecking Crew, LLC

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