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Saturday, October 15, 2011

Time and Struggle

Today, I think I'm going to ramble a bit about time and the struggles of self-promoting.  I've read a few blogs, articles, or comments today that indicate that many people feel as though they are wasting their time blogging, twittering, or self-promoting in general.  

I sometimes wonder that myself.  Then I open my e-mail, see some new follows on twitter and/or many re-tweets helping me promote our book or helping me help others promote their books or blogs.  The word is spreading.  So I wonder why have we had so few sales.  Is our book just so controversial that no one wishes to purchase it.  Is our book too overpriced for some to consider it.  If we do lower the price will anyone buy it.  Will putting out a second and third book make a difference in our over all sales. 

I don't honestly know what the future holds but I'm willing to keep fighting the good fight until I can not fight any longer. Thanks Triberr tribe-mate and new friend, Jeff B., for your inspirational blog posts but especially the one about your Grandfather in World War IISide note to those of you who are just starting out or still in the process of writing, you might want to look at Jeff B.'s thoughts on ten things Author's should ask themselves. 

A final random thought, I learned a few months ago that you shouldn't go into being an author because you'll get big bucks right off the bat.  You go into it for the long haul.  Not everybody can be an overnight success but if you don't try then you'll never know how you'll do. 

Okay, I have one more thought.  Maybe you can help us keep a positive attitude during our fight to get noticed and/or purchased by just leaving us a positive (G-rated) comment.

Thanks and have a great one!

Lynn Hallbrooks
co-author & PR person for David McKoy