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Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Thanks for your patience

Welcome to my new followers and thanks for your patience to all my other followers.  I've been busy with many different projects lately.  Not only that, I've made several new friends on Goodreads.  Many of whom are new to the marketing side of self-publishing...Indie publishing...however you wish to phrase it.  So between myself and some other wonderful friends of mine, we have been trying to assist them on their journey.

One of the things, I like for people to learn is, what my friend Mark W. taught me back in June, a way of keeping up with various blogs.  So, I am re-posting his blog on how to do that.  I found it helpful and so have others.


Mark W. also has a great many other suggestions to help with getting your book out there and available so I suggest you follow his instructions above and place his blog among your ones to follow.

Another great person to follow is Tim Greaton.  He recently started a blog forum to highlight author's bodies of works.  It is a tough job and he does it well.  He is an awesome author in his own rights. 

I also have invited Indie authors (recent additions or seasoned ones) to post their books on Independent Authors and Writers website. Unfortunately it has been a bit slow in get things turned around. This will, hopefully, be resolved as soon as admin's time off for personal reasons is over.  Meantime, I'm doing the best I can trying to help around there.  So your continued patience is asked in that regard as well. 

I'm learning more and more about twitter and I'm slowly building up a following on there. This, I hope and pray will build up an interest in our book, Call Sign: Wrecking Crew (Storm Warning), while I put the final touches on the revisions for the print book.  The revisions have gone through for Amazon and Barnes & Noble.  We are pending a response back from Smashwords...so now do you understand why I've been such a busy bee lately?  I thought you might.

Y'all have a great one!

Lynn Hallbrooks


  1. Lynn,
    You managed to combine two things that are rarely seen together: a personal note on "what I've been up to lately" mixed with useful, applicable information on other things. You should teach a class on How To Write Updates People Will Care About. Well done! :D

  2. Thanks Ami,

    I just write how I feel at the time. You are most welcome to go back through and see how our journey has progressed.