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Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Building Blocks

I guess you could say that I have gone back to being a three year old.  No wait, I live with a three year old and have re-discovered my roots and the important lessons of building blocks.  In other words, I think I missed a few along the way when I was doing my self-promoting. 

After reading several threads in Amazon's Kindle Direct Publishing Community's section, I quickly realized that I was behind the curve.  Many of the other authors' talk about how they got more sales after they put up their biographies.  So I did do that recently.  In addition, many of my fellow authors were very helpful in getting that done. Yet others were helpful by sharing their blogs so that others could be seen.  So I would like to do the same for them, if they are following me and would like to be recognized on mine, please let me know.

My biography also came out on MWSA, Military Writer's Society of America, but is currently only available to members.  Here is the link to their newsletters' page:  http://militarywriters.com/NewsEvents.htm#Newsletters 
Of course, you can also learn more about them in general if you want to look around a bit more.

We are still at 15 sales at the moment but I continue to pray that we increase our recognition and sales.  Thanks to all that have help us along the way.  Thanks to you that are following us on this journey.  While I'm at it, thanks to those of you who have served in the Armed Services along with us.  And let us not forget those that gave all so that we can continue to have our freedoms, including the freedom of speech.

Lynn Hallbrooks

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