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Monday, May 23, 2011

Still learning

I'm still learning new and different things...some of which may come in handy at a future date.  The most recent useful thing that I've learned is you can create a separate page on Facebook.  So if you have a Facebook account, go to the help page and do a search on 'how to create a page'. Then follow the instructions for creating a page.  It can be for different things.  I selected entertainment then books.  So now we have a Facebook page for Call Sign Wrecking Crew LLC that has all the links in one place.  I even put some links for people that have been helpful to us along the way. Has it brought us any new sales, well no - not yet, but I have faith that it will eventually. I've also added a Facebook like link to our website. 

I hope people that come to visit our website will like us well enough to say so.  If not then I hope they will put a comment on our new guest page to help us improve. If they'd rather not be public with their comments they can always click the contact us button.  So, y'all come on over and let us know what you think.  


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