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Sunday, June 26, 2011


Being on Amazon's Discussion threads has lead me to many interesting places.  One in particular is Goodreads.  I personally find it interesting as both a reader and an author. The part that I like best as a reader is that I can organize my books. There is a 'read shelf', a 'currently reading shelf', and 'to be read shelf'.  I like the 'to be read shelf' best.  When I run across a book that piques my personal interest,  I look for it on Goodreads. If I find it then I have a place to put the virtual book until I can purchase and/or read it.  Pretty cool concept.

Recently, I discovered how to get into a Goodreads group.  Now I am able to network with authors, reviewers, and readers (I'm sure there are various combinations in there as well).  If you haven't already discovered it and are looking for a new place to go adventuring, you should check out Goodreads

Another place that I've found some interesting authors is through peoples' blogs that I'm following.  I've also found some cool tidbits for marketing.  As soon as I'm given the okay to post the new information on our blog, then I'll share them with you. 

On a business note, we sent our approval of the proof from Create Space today.  We are awaiting a location in order to begin selling our book.  So please stay tuned for more information as it becomes available.  

Hello to our new follower(s) and I hope you can learn and/or share something with the rest of us.  

Have a great one!


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