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In April 2014, I mentioned the creative aspects behind the cover art for our novella, Genesis: Call Sign: Wrecking Crew Slice of Life .   ...

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Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Points of Interest

Today, I updated our cover art on Amazon.  It may take a day or two to show up there.  I also put it on our Facebook Fan page. This cover art is due to the kind and generous nature of C.W. Johnson, author of The Son of Man.

Speaking of kind and generous fellow authors, I finished reading a book entitled Leaves of the Fall by Violet Yates.  Violet was sweet to send it to me without charge.  In my opinion, it is a really well written book full of imagery as well as being emotionally charged.

Here is an interactive question:  When you read a book...what hits you first about it?  
Is it the emotions you feel or the imagery that you perceive?

Lynn Hallbrooks

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